day 2/4. home for the elections

At 7am this morning, 14 people from two families were packed into a van on the way to Sorsogon for a three-hour trip to Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm. We settled into our cottage at past 10am.

This trip is part of the celebration for the aunt’s birthday yesterday and for mother’s day tomorrow. It was also a good opportunity for the two families to spend time together on a trip. It’s also one of the first trips of my second niece from the second sister 🙂

Four sites in one day can be quite draining. We went to Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm, Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, the town of  Barcelona in Sorsogon, and  Albay Farmers Bounty Village in Albay. It was a good opportunity to test the P20 Pro’s camera since I’m the default person-in-charge for photo photo documentation 😐

I’m old, I know. I cannot be bothered with preparing an extra set of clothes and swimwear for a family outing. I’d rather secure a spot in the shade and enjoy a can of soda (No alcoholic drinks allowed in the bee farm.)

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day 1/4. home for the elections

Applied for leave from work today. I still have student outputs to return though. That brings us to why I am spending this time outside with this.

Katol/mosquito coil – A must-have when working outside especially on a summer evening. Seriously getting high on this thing but at least the mosquitos wouldn’t dare bother me.

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