That’s how much I gained -in kilograms- compared with last month’s weigh in. That’s what you get when you attend a fiesta celebration and miss out on all the chances for rain-free runs.

So after the makeup class in the afternoon, I paid the salon a visit for a hair dye and trim – just to fool myself into believing I still have some semblance of control over my appearance.

Woke up to a dry, hot morning the weekend after I learned that I’ve finally secured tenure at the university. This level of heat keep would you off the bed. It’s not even 9am yet. I gave up trying to get some more sleep and started with the day’s tasks. I usually get out of bed at around noon. That’s what Saturdays are for – sleeping. It was past midnight when I unloaded the  last batch of laundry.

I keep waiting, expecting for that rush of excitement but there’s nothing. It’s quite hard to believe that everything you’ve worked for for the past nine years brings you this little  fulfillment. Or perhaps, I just cannot enjoy it because I still have no salary. Or maybe it’s would take quite awhile for this tenure thing to sink in.

I noticed the Army Navy leaflet at a colleague’s office. I was surprised to learn that they deliver to Los Baños. I called the Army Navy branch in Calamba [(049) 502 8455] this morning. They do deliver in my area for a minimum order of Php 1,000 + delivery charge. It would take about 45 minutes to an hour. So I’m eagerly waiting for the day’s meals to arrive. The food I ordered would last me until tomorrow.

It’s Army Navy delivery for today😀 Slipped into a more celebratory mood after placing the order.


goals for August

It’s another beginning. Another attempt. Hopefully, everything I set today would be part of the semester’s routine. I’ve also written several versions of this in my journal although not as many as the number of time I thought of this. As if thinking about it frequent enough would make it a reality. That’s a case for the unending hope that streams from within us. Bordering on delusion and yes, stupidity but I still consider having some hope as a good thing. Continue reading “goals for August”