If I could, I’d have a stack of customized stamps I could use for student outputs. It would definitely save me a lot of time.

I remember our History professor using Power Puff Girls stamps in our exams. If we had stamp marks in our bluebooks, it meant we did good in the exam. This was during college.

Here’s a set of grade stamps I’d want to use hopefully this semester.

avoiding work

Reading about a book illustrator in a novel got me in the mood for sketching. Five hours later, I came up with the following outputs.

Study 1. My sister has been requesting for a female sketch in sepia or charcoal. I hope I get to finalize a study and finish the larger actual piece during the first quarter of 2010.

Been drawing a lot of pears lately. There’s just something about the fruit’s shape that makes it a soothing subject (for me at least). Perhaps, I’ll try apples next time.

This one – I have no idea what it is.

This is me avoiding work 🙂


I may just be less of an antisocial than I originally thought. This, I found after being cooped in my apartment for about four days. My cream-colored walls did nothing to ease my boredom. It felt like being in an asylum – or at least what I think would be an asylum. I wouldn’t know. I lack firsthand experience on that aspect.

So I decided to go out to buy supplies, meaning food, and get a few books in the second-hand book shop. I felt relieved just seeing other people. I did not have to know them. Their existence gave me some comfort. It was nice to transact with other people. Something I’d usually take for granted.

It felt good to be out of the apartment. Scratch that. It was great. I thought I could survive a week without going out. Did not happen. Even with Internet connection, I still needed to go out. Downloading ebooks did take a lot of my  focus. Not enough, I guess. Perhaps it’s because I’ve run out of books to read and re-read and movies to watch. Or maybe I just needed to see other people and be somewhere aside from my cream-walled space.

I did not mind the heat mid day heat or the dust at the book shop. They were re-arranging their merchandise. Satisfied with my book purchases, I went to the grocer to get the supplies that I needed. There, for the first time I noticed that they sold greens. I never noticed that before. Another pleasant surprise was discovering that a nearby store sold tube ice  :). Petty, I know. But it really made me happy. Ice. How simple can that be. It’s more expensive than the rates in other stores but hey, it would save me time and it’s definitely more convenient.

Satisfied was what I was when I got home. A bottle of beer enjoyed while cooking lunch. This day feels more like summer than Yuletide. Lazy, lulling, peaceful – why can’t every day be like this one?

Yeah, I know – reality.

a matter of choice

September 22, 2009

People always have choices. This I found true. It’s not about which choice you selected but how you faced corresponding effects of that choice.

I had the chance to converse with an office mate who also happened to be my classmate in my graduate management class. I’ve always wondered how other  people at the office felt in not being assigned tasks or about work in general. Her answer reminded me that people always have choices. It may just be one of the things that make us human – the ability to identify possibilities and to decide.

She opted not to be “bibo” at work. Bibo is a term used to refers to people who are proactive and enthusiastic (beyond the normal level) about their  work. She decided to be the average employee so she  can have enough time for her family. She knows how other people will react to her decision and she has accepted them for the moment. It got me thinking that I have decided to be concerned and to take part in activities because I want to feel like I matter.

People prioritize things. The thing that tops their list is where they get the greatest fulfillment. For my classmate, hey family tops her list. That is why she made her decision. I prioritize work. Perhaps because it’s where I get the confirmation I seek. At the moment, it’s where I get fulfillment. It’s where I feel I matter the most. That is why work tops my list.

Recently, I have been asking myself why I do the things I don’t have to do. Why do I punish myself in meeting deadlines that some people can get away not meeting? Why do I edit papers after office  when I should be resting and enjoying my life – outside work? Why do I still want to  go to the office even if I’m met with tons of papers to edit and rate? Because I want to.

And since I have made that decision, I should be sticking with it. Easier said than done especially when I spent a lot of time thinking how sarcastic or unmotivated I currently am. What then keeps me going? It’s the thought that wherever I am or whatever I may be experiencing may not necessarily be the best – but it’s still better than other jobs I can think of. So I can say I am okay where I am – for the moment at least.