writing moment

One of my college professors advised us to write whenever we feel like writing no matter what the subject, time, or purpose. Just write.

My moment usually starts after midnight – be it studying or writing. During high school, I even lit candles, sat by the window, and used a pencil – no ball point pens – to write nonsense. It was the time I had the house to myself – somehow – when my aunts were asleep. I’d have the quiet kitchen to myself. If it rained, it was a bonus. Of course, my half-frozen coffee (minimum of 1 liter) would be within reach.

Half a decade later, nothing much has changed. I still need the coffee, want to be alone, light candles, and use a pen/pencil. This time however, I need headphones to seclude myself from everything. I don’t have the luxury of being in my company always.  A set of headphones is my constant companion.


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