Days 4 and 5. 100-peso challenge: Surviving

This year, I’ve been able to enjoy weekends more. Essentials for weekends include novels and/or movie marathon plus getting out of bed late in the afternoon. I’m starting to look forward to these weekends. Having rested well on weekends, I feel more prepared for Mondays.


I was able to limit my food expenditure to 50 Php this Saturday 🙂

My purchases included a twelve-peso worth of bread, soda (25 Php), and bottled water (13 Php). During Saturdays, it’s always brunch before my 11 am class.

The challenge for the weekend was to limit my food expenses to 50 Php since I overspent 150 Php last Friday. The strategy – sleep more (so you’ll have less meals) and stay inside the apartment (to avoid making any purchases). It’s been effective so far.

Today, I managed to stay in the apartment. No purchases this Sunday. I spent the day watching movies, courtesy of Sir Chico. I also got to work on some sketches, at last.

This year, I’ve been able to enjoy weekends more. Essentials for weekends include novels and/or movie marathon plus getting out of bed late in the afternoon. I’m starting to look forward to these weekends.

Having rested well on weekends, I feel more prepared for Mondays.

Day 3. 100-peso challenge: FAILED

Blame it on the blueberry cheesecake – and my lack of will.

Last Thursday, for no particular reason, Kuya Sherwin and I craved for Faustina’s blueberry cheesecake on our way home. I have already spent my hundred that day. Yesterday, however, the thought of blueberry cheesecake at Faustina’s seemed more inviting. There were a lot of reasons why we could treat ourselves to that cheesecake. One, it was payday. Second, it was the end of the week – the time one treats oneself for surviving another week? Third, I could not stand to prolong this craving for the blueberry cheesecake. So we – Sir TJ, Ma’am Cla, Sir Aldo, Kuya Sherwin and me – ended up dining at Faustina’s and me failing my day 3 of the 100-peso challenge.

I’ve already spent 30 Php for lunch. Dinner cost me 220 Php. I overspent a hundred and fifty. Then, I thought, I could spend 50 Php on Saturday and go hibernation on Sunday so I won’t need to spend a cent.

No DVDs for this weekend. That’s for sure.

Day 2: 100-peso challenge

Started the day with a 7am class. I was becoming more aware every minute of the war my immune system was engaged in. Even if the room was fully air-conditioned, I kept on wiping beads of cold sweat. The one-hour lecture drained me.

January 28 marks the second day of the challenge – 100 Php plus the 50-something pesos I saved yesterday.

Bought bread, an egg, and cabbage for breakfast (25 Php); strawberry shake for lunch (35 Php); and a loaf of wheat bread (65 Php) and siomai (14 Php) for dinner. For transportation, I spent 7 Php and then enjoyed a five-peso worth of chicken nuggets :). I’ve used  what I have saved yesterday. Tomorrow, it’s back to a hundred once more.


Sundays are definitely rest days.

It’s the only day of the week when I can wake up in the afternoon. I have classes on Saturdays so that’s out of the question. I usually sleep until 1pm to 3pm in the afternoon and cook something unhurriedly.

This was last Sunday’s output – garlic, butter, and basil on wheat bread and pasta with bacon, tomatoes, bell pepper, and more garlic. This, I devoured during a DVD marathon. Midway the second out of 16 episodes, I already had a clean plate – and we’re talking about more than one serving 🙂


Day 1: It wasn’t really much of a challenge to limit my expenses to a hundred pesos today. I stayed at home because I was ill. I woke up at five in the morning and forced myself to jog. When I got back to the apartment after the morning run, I was burning with fever. Instead of feeling energized after jogging, I had chills. My muscles ached and I was breathing heavily. I decided to call in sick at work.

Tried to get some sleep but my nose won’t give it a rest.  It seemed like the apartment was all dusty so I ended up cleaning the whole apartment before I could get that sleep. Dozed off out of exhaustion.

Expenses were limited to eight tablets of medicine, roughly  50 Php. That means I saved 50 Php for tomorrow.

the “trim”

I went to the salon tonight to de-stress and have my hair trimmed. I realized it’s been quite a while since my last visit. My indicator? I could not remember when I had my last haircut. I already like cut then, but it seriously needed trimming – at least, I’d like to believe so.

I asked the hair stylist for a trim and then immersed myself in the entertainment magazine. A few minutes later and I found my supposedly “trimmed” hair fashioning an entirely different cut. It was definitely shorter than a “trim”. What I understand is that when one says “trim”, one maintains the previous do while cutting a few inches of hair. Same cut, shorter length.

My surprised expression may have gotten the attention of the stylist and he asked, “Nilagyan ko ng layers para hindi mag-fly away. Okay lang?” Who said I hated the “fly away” effect? His adding “layers” to the cut made it shorter than I would have hoped for. But really, what bothers me is that I wasn’t even consulted before he decided to go on with the layering. It just happens t be my hair. Had I answered, “No, it’s not okay”, could he have done anything about undoing the “layers”? Make the hair grow back in that instant?

The cut is okay. I’m not crazy about it. But I want to make the decisions or at least want to be consulted on what will happen to it. It is my hair after all. I know the stylist has years of experience and is skilled. But all I wanted was a “trim”.

the 100-peso challenge

Lately, I’ve been lax on finances, thinking that I should enjoy what I earn and all those usual excuses. 2009 was a year for purchases. I want 2010 to be a year for savings and smart spending. Good thing I am surrounded by people who constantly inspire and educate me on matters of finance.

The 100-peso challenge is an idea conceptualized about three hours ago. We were trying to figure out different ways of saving money – realistically cutting down expenses. So for each day of the week, I’ll have 100 Php to spend for food and basic supplies – and survive the year. That’s 700 Php a week. Just how feasible is the 100-peso challenge? We’ll see 🙂