from telly to net

Even as adults (now I really feel old), there are things that we just cannot let go from childhood. It’s the interest in the things that we really had fun doing, collecting, watching, et cetera – the things we looked forward to at the end of the school day or perhaps one of the reasons why we’d cut classes or worse pretend to be sick and not go to class.

For my case, that would be “cartoons”. That was what we called programs that did not have real people in them. From Sara, Ang Munting Prinsesa, Remy, Cedie, Heidi, Si Mary at ang Sikretong Hardin, Snow White, etc which were aired during lunch time to Wedding Peach, Saber Marionette J (until J to X), Zenki, Magic Knight Ray Earth, X-men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the lot. We called them all cartoons.

Aside from the cartoons, there were also Power Rangers, Ultraman Ace (yep, watched that one with all its weird monsters), Transformers, and others that I could not recall at the moment.

That was in elementary. Come high school, it was the Meteor Garden period. “Pineapple cut”, “F4”, “Red Card”, “You’re Dead” became part of everyday conversation. Even the “grown ups” then were hooked. That was the time when no one would dare to change the channel when Meteor Garden was on or else, they’ll be dead. ­čÖé

After Meteor Garden came Meteor Rain and a lot of Asianovelas. During the latter part of college, I was not able to watch TV regularly then. I did get a DVD of Coffee Prince, Hana Kimi – Taiwan, and Princess Hours. I’d watch these series non-stop on weekends or holidays. But among all these shows, Mars would be the most memorable one. I watched the entire series with no subtitles. I basically understood nothing from their lines. I relied on nonverbal cues to understand whatever was happening. I can’t even remember how I managed to do that. What can I say, I was part of the (Barbie Xu and Vic Chou)┬áLei-Shan Cai Team back in the Meteor Garden days. I really had to watch Mars.

Then, a friend introduced me to online streaming. She suggested sites I could visit. That led to me discovering┬áVampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Ouran Koukou Host Club (perfectly wholesome, I tell you), Kin’iro no Chord Primo Passo, Kin’iro no Chord Secondo Passo, and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. Don’t ask me to be able to retell their names because I definitely can’t. I can’t even pronounce and spell them,┬ámore so┬áremember them.

What’s nice about it is that I can chat nonstop about it with my nieces who recently got hooked on the Vampire Knight series. Imagine two female generations, almost a decade apart, giddily talking about Zero and Kaname or engaged in a heated debate on who Yuuki should end up with. (I had to consult online references for their names ­čÖé )

Day 8 and 9 – and 10 and 11. Sundays

Two consecutive days of failure ­čśŽ

Day 9 (February 4): lunch (30), bread (70), tomato sauce (20), coffee and shake (110). That’s 130 Php overspent.

Day 9 (February 4): lunch (30), strawberry shake and kwek-kwek (50), dinner (50). I’m 30 Php over the spending limit.

I’ve been using the “I’m busy” excuse during the latter part of the week. I’ve crossed it out from my list of “valid” excuses during the start of the year – yet I find myself depending on that excuse once more. It’s a weak attempt to justify why I have not devoted at least an hour to write about non-work related topics.

I have overspent at total of 160 Php during days 8 and 9 for the 100-peso challenge. Now I have to keep my expenses for the weekend to 40 Php. That means a LOT of sleep and relying on the meager contents of my pantry (if it’s even worthy of being called one). It would be an interesting weekend though.

With not much of a good news on the challenge, I opted not to write about it – yet. It’s only now that I got to discuss it because I’m relieved I was able to limit my food expenses to 40 Php  over the  weekend. That settled my overspending on days 8 and 9. Thank God for Sundays.

I’m loving Sundays more. It’s the only day I get to survive without spending a cent on food. That also means staying in the apartment to avoid unnecessary  purchases. Not much of a trouble for me. Sundays are reserved for hibernation.

Day 7. 100-peso challenge

Strawberry┬áshake (35), lunch (16), ┬á soda (15), and ┬ádinner (37). I’m three pesos above the limit. ­čÖé

Made the mistake of preparing a light breakfast, for which I suffered for the rest of the day. After my 7 am class, I was already hungry!

It was one of those okay days when one accomplishes the minor to-do entries but none of the major tasks.

It does not matter how much thinking or writing one does if one cannot feel the sense of accomplishment. Things are clearer though. I have a better idea of how to go about with this one to-do entry. I just wish I could have been in this state a month ago.

Day 6: 100-peso challenge

Strawberry shake (35 Php),┬áponkan (20 Php), and half a dozen eggs (30 Php) – that’s all for today.

Still managing to limit my food expenses – somehow. I started February with a TED talk morning. – that’s the place to visit whenever I feel dumb. Listening to these people talk about a wide range of topics makes me feel like I’m learning once more.

There are those moments when one feels like one has lost the capacity to learn – to add something to what’s already there. It’s like your brain just stopped functioning. Stupid, dumb, or something in line with that – one starts to see oneself as such. It’s not a state I would want to wallow in. is my escape. Somehow, I feel like my brain is working – at last.

More TED talks then. I cannot die without attending one TED Conference. Include that in my long-term plans.

Early in the afternoon, I’ve managed to finish an output that has been loooong overdue. I know the “overdue” part can be applicable to a lot of tasks in my to-do list. This one should have been due last December. I’m more relieved than happy to at last be able to burn the first draft of that output in CDs. That would have been enough to make me feel good about today.

One down, more to go. A loooooohht more.