Perhaps, it’s the unpleasant events at the start of the week or perhaps this is just PMS. Whatever it is, I seem to live in a cloud of negativity lately. It’s just so easy to notice unpleasant things and one would tire taking note of all of them. Finding the positive side of things seem to be such an effort.

I do realize I have a lot to be thankful for. This is just a phase. I’ll soon get out of this.

too much?

Most of the time, we unconsciously immerse ourselves into work racing to meet deadline after deadline after deadline. A little time to breath before facing the increasing number of tasks in one’s to-do. No complaints there. At least one knows he/she is trusted with a job. However, one does not also have to live a life dreading deadlines.

Sometimes, we force ourselves too much to meet deadlines. How do we know if we’re at the “too much” category? Now, that’s the hard part.

When one feels guilty for spending time catching sleep instead of finishing that draft, is it too much? If we encounter work even in our dreams, is it too much? If we spend weekends working the backlog never seems to decrease, is it too much? When one starts dreading work that one used to love, is it too much?

We lose ourselves in all the deadlines we need to meet that we forget why we’re even doing it – aside from that simplistic thought “because I have to” and “because I’m paid to do it”. If our concept of vacation is getting out of town yet keeping in touch with the workplace because of submissions, is it too much?

Why am I even doing this? Why do I choose to work beyond the required time? When did I decide to use my weekends for work? And still, the to-do list is never cleared. If we have difficulty answering these questions or perhaps a long pause before the answers – is it too much?

Pacing, they say. Three years and still, I haven’t developed a healthy work pace yet. I tend to linger on the extremes. That’s one of the things I need to work on this year.

room ethics

Let’s talks about room ethics.

My point. I was the fifth to register in for that room. I  get to select which upper deck I preferred since all the four lower decks were taken. Now you do not – I repeat do NOT just move my things to that upper deck closest to the air-conditioning unit just because you come from the same community with most of my room mates. Whoever you are, I’m thankful I do not know you.

Saying “I’m pissed” is an understatement right now.

Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy… let me keep repeating this (in Filipino, of course) for the next five days. I’ll be a better person after this week – way better (I hope).

Nueva Caceres Hotel: Why do you even position your ACUs in level with upper decks?! (Only applicable to rooms with 8-person capacity).


There’s this ice cream brand which is definitely not what one would find in your average grocery store. Pricey, for me at least. Still, there’s that curiosity if it’s worth the price.

It was such a delight to find an ice creamed-stocked refrigerator at Nueva Caceres Hotel. I was amused to observe that people reacted to this particular product display in the same way I did. (So, hindi lang ako ang nangunguripot.)

1. Initial delight in finding a relatively uncommon product.

2. Zoom in. Marvel at the display. Ice cream on a summer day? A treat.

3. Check the price. “Hmnn…” Contemplates if the price would worth the utils one would get from the product.  Then people move on to where they should be going.

(Still contemplating…) 4. Return and purchase one thinking “The hell, I deserve a treat!”

CR scare

I found myself embarrassed to go out of the cubicle.

The occupant of the next cubicle cleared his throat. Yes, it sounded like a he.

I strongly believed that the occupant was a he. Well at least strong enough that for me to doubt if I entered the right loo. I waited for the room to clear before I went out. That few minutes was spent torturing myself with embarrassing scenarios of me facing male participants of the workshop we were documenting.

I kept trying to recall the sign I last saw – if it was indeed female. I do have the tendency to overlook signs or do things absentmindedly. I desperately hoped this was not one of them.

At last the room cleared and I was free to go out. I looked at the door sign. It was for females. At least I got it right.