early morn

I seldom get to hear this – the morning church bells together with the morning crows. (I didn’t even know there were roosters in the block). I’m glad I was able to this morning. I’m hoping this could be something regular.

One thing though, next time I be hearing such sound, I’ll make sure I’ll feel more prepared to face the day. I’ll be waking up early not to rush an output delayed but to prepare something in advance. I’ll be writing a post not because I’m avoiding the tasks I should be doing, but because I’m looking forward the day.

2nd Sem AY 2010-2011

It’s the start of the second semester already – and I’m not yet over my first semester. I haven’t cleared my desk yet (if that’s even possible).

The number of students in campus is overwhelming. After two weeks of serenity with silent corridors and no (make that “less”) knocking on doors, that is.  My office mate did note that she was taken aback with the number of students fighting to get be on the first campus bound jeepney to pass the stop. There’s that traditional never-ending line at the College of Arts and Science Office of the College Secretary.

People attending meetings to plan their semester. Reminders on the work (errrr…) neglected in the previous semester. And findings ways to cut expenses.

For this semester, I aim to:

  1. keep a expense log (influenced by Theia. Need to be prudent.)
  2. compile lesson plans (something I can use next year. And it will be bound at the end of the semester. Not the usual sheets of paper stapled together. Ugh!)
  3. jog regularly (started the sem with a morning jog 😀 )
  4. come to work at 8:00 – 8:30 am
  5. finish my research proposal
  6. … will be adding more to this list in the future 😀


We won’t have water supply until Wednesday. I’ve got this list of backlog that continues to lengthen no matter how many hours after work I spend to at least cut it by half. My withholding tax doubled. Another semester will start tomorrow and I haven’t even cleared by table from the previous semester’s stuff.

And yet, I find myself writing down smileys. So thank you.


It’s almost the second week of November and I realized I haven’t written anything.

I spent four days in Bicol in time for All Souls’ Day. I brought some manuscripts I could edit. I thought I’d be able to finish editing them. A few days later and I’m still editing them. I still am.

It’s taking me months to finish one task in my planner. How slow can one work? What have I been doing?