challenge 1. lessen food expenses

Prepared two types of sauce for the week. I’m trying to cut down my food expenses by avoiding eating at fast food chains. Plus, I hope I’d stick to wheat bread – for a longer span of time. I went back to eating rice regularly in December last year. (Stress eating?) And, I’d be cooking more real (and healthy) food – aside from heating water for coffee and the usual pancit canton and frying things.

For this week, it’s cheesy garlic mushroom [rightmost photo] and salsa [leftmost photo] (tomatoes, garlic, onion, bell pepper, etc) to be paired with pasta, whole wheat tortilla, or baguette. It’s packed lunch for me the whole week. I just hope I’d steer clear of any KFC’s krushers and any form of sundae, ice cream, and the like. I had an attempt similar to this last year. The problem was I got sick of same taste during the second day. Let’s see how it goes for this week.

Lessen lunch expenses, stick to wheat bread/pasta, and cook more often – the entries for my list of challenges for 2011. Another thing I’d be seriously working on for 2011 would be self control when visiting the grocery section. There’s just a lot of things to buy! That would be one the greatest challenges for 2011.



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