challenges 2 and 3. daily scribbles, weekly doodles

Looking back at 2010, I haven’t been doing a lot of writing and doodling. At least, not as much as I hoped to. I get to do these things when I’m in relaxed state and when I have time 😀 I’ve been diligently writing in my planner slash journal but that’s mostly about work, tasks, and missing deadlines.

I need more practice in writing. I need to write regularly – to make a habit out of it. I’m hoping that I can do that this year. Journal entries are relatively crude. The writing we do at work is more formal and/or technical. For a person who doesn’t really socialize (in the English language, that is), I need to write regularly. The only time I get to talk and compose sentences is when I’m in the classroom. That’s not a lot of time. Otherwise, I’d start talking in keywords. I just feel rusty.

Doodling is a major mode for relaxation. It cannot be forced. I’ve given up bringing pencils because I never really get to use them. These past months, I doodled with pens because they’re what I usually have in my bag. Gel pens, tech pens, marking pens…  whichever maybe within reach when I get the chance to.

Got three doodles so far.

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