the need to read

Lately, I’ve been finding it harder to express ideas into sentences. I’d be able to identify key words or phrases but when it comes to organizing and connecting the phrases into sentences and later into an entry, it required greater effort. Writing wasn’t this hard. Whatever happened?

I got my answer when I saw Miki, a volunteer student assistant at the college, engrossed in a Gaiman novel as he waited for my office mate. I haven’t been reading as much as I used to. My readings have been limited to entertainment columns, twitter updates, and online news. I read (selected articles only) the weekly magazine I subscribed to. I haven’t finished reading a book since… I can’t even remember. I used to finish a novel overnight or in one afternoon. I couldn’t sleep without completing the book because I know I’ll need to go back a chapter just to get back to the context where I left off.

I hate to admit it but I’ve spent more time reading gossip online than published books (whatever the genre may be). I have not visited the local bookstore in a long while. Time to get some new readings.

I’m hoping to finish reading Reasonable Doubt by Philip Friedman this weekend. I’ve been reading it since December last year.

To finish reading a novel every month seems to be a realistic goal. By the end of  the year, I would have read at least 12 novels/books. We’ll see.



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