SM Cinemas (Calamba)

Spent the entire morning cleaning the apartment. It’s a relatively small space so I was done before noon (I started at about ten in the morning). I cleaned on a Saturday morning (usually allotted for sleep) so I’d feel like I deserve a reward. That would be a visit to the mall.

I’m not a fan of two-hour bus rides (plus fare), so I’m usually content with SM Calamba and/or Waltermart. Today marked my second visit to SM Calamba and my first try at the cinemas.

Watched The Tourist at Cinema 2. Initial observations?

  1. They need friendlier people (make that person. There was only one female) at the ticket sales counter.
  2. More people to man the snack bar (?) Popcorn given is already cold when handed to you. You end up chewing (not munching) your popcorn.
  3. The screen-seat distance is too narrow. If you sit on the first row, you’d leave the cinema with a headache (or an eye problem). What, cramped space? I was seated in the middle of the cinema and most of the scenes were blurred.

Asked to choose between cinemas in SM and Waltermart (Calamba), it’s Waltermart for now.

Although I note that their site is very helpful.


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