should be Sunday

Did nothing work related. Feeling guilty? Yes – a bit. I started the day at 1 pm. I was dead asleep before that.

It rained. It rained a lot this particular Sunday. My plans for a morning and even evening jog remained as is –  plans. To jog in a slippery track (more like asphalt road) isn’t really very safe (plus the weather made it a challenge to leave dreamland.)

When I did get up, I settled with a new Korean drama series. Lazy, lazy, I know. I’ve covered 11 out of the 16 episodes. I’ll continue watching it next weekend.

When Sundays came, I would usually be anxiously thinking about the things I wasn’t able to do during the weekend. I usually bring home work. I end up bringing the work back to the office – untouched.

This particular Sunday, it was different. I wasn’t anxious. I was… enjoying a drama series. This is how, I believe, Sundays should be.


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