monday musings

A morning dash in the rain, a fulfilling discovery, a surprise visit; the start of 2011 week 2 wasn’t as dull as I thought it would be (this is of course thinking relatively).

The sound of rain lulled me back to sleep. I set the alarm for 4 am. Got out of bed at 7 am. Missed my chance for a morning jog. I’m still hopeful though, that tomorrow morning, I’ll get to take that jog.

I had no early morning class so I decided to wait a while until the rain stopped or at east it’s reduced to a drizzle. After a long while, I finally accepted that I just wouldn’t stop. I hate bringing umbrellas anywhere. I tend to forget them. I’d rather walk under the rain – at least this particular morning I didn’t want to bring an umbrella. Braved the mist and went to work without an umbrella. Bad idea.

My most fulfilling discovery was finally identifying the local number of the mystery extension line in the new newsroom. Our college now occupies the whole building and I’m part of the team responsible for the newsroom. There was a working phone in the new location -much to our delight. Our problem then was, we didn’t know the local number of the extension phone. So this Monday morning, it became my mission to find out that extension number. (Basically, I was avoiding another work – a backlog.)

Trial and error – that was my initial strategy. I was planning to dial all possible combinations from 201 to 239. Crossed out every inactive number. Then came impatience and I jumped every other number. I dialed 222 and it just rang. I dialed the second time and finally, someone answered – it was our student assistant from the newsroom. I was delighted – for a short while. Now, I’d need to face that task I was escaping from. I had nothing else to rearrange or clean (for the moment). I had no more extension line number to figure out. Well, I did manage to submit that backlog within office hours.

While getting to know a new platform for student outputs, I get this call. My mother was in town for a visit. Surprise, surprise! We had dinner at my sister’s and she shared stories of her life. Whatever adjective one may pin to her, she’d never be boring. She’ll never have an uneventful life. She just can’t. She won’t let that happen.

And as I listened to her stories, I got another surprise. I realized I really looked up to this person – in a few instances (and I’ll never admit that to her, of course). No matter how many times she falls and no matter how hard that fall may be, she picks herself up and continues on her way. And she does find her way. Somehow, she manages to get what she wants. I don’t have any clue how she does it – but she’s good.

Daughter or not, I believe she’s good at what she does, although I don’t really know what it is.


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