7 am

I find myself waking up at 7am everyday – without the aid of the alarm clock. It’s a bit strange. No matter how late in the morning I fall asleep, I always wake up at 7am. It’s like having an internal regular alarm setting at seven in the morning.

It would be great if I could set that internal alarm to say 4am or 5am so I could really get that morning jog I’ve been looking forward to since start of the year – which was basically last week. At week 1, it rained in the morning. I managed to get up but it usually rained so I’ll just get more zzzzzss. This week, I am the problem. No more rain. It’s just my incapacity to get up and change for that morning jog.

I’m still hopeful though, that this week I’d get to cross out that morning jog to-do entry that has been in my planner since December last year. But just to make sure I complete the two jog sessions a week, I’ll take evening jogs too.


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