paw prints and all

I got this folding chair from a sale. I thought it would be a nice addition to the swivel stool accompanying my work desk at home. The price was okay. My problem was the white paw prints set against a red background. There was no other stock left with a decent print. But I really wanted the chair. I could imagine myself curling with a book on that chair (paw print aside). Plus, it was being sold for half the original price.

The chair, with paw prints, is now situated beside the bed. The work desk and swivel stool on the other side of the room is for work and this chair would be for leisure reading – completely non-work related. A deep blue cloth I got from the same store keeps the paw print out of sight. Add two throw pillows and you have a reading nook. Hopefully that would encourage me to do more reading this year.

The day I brought the chair home, I took time to sit in the corner – just to sit, nothing else. It was one of those few moments that one relishes having one’s own space – no matter how small (or cluttered) it may be. I sat there for a long time taking in the new white curtains (also on sale. I sent the old curtains to the wash after collecting almost a year’s worth of dust).

When the workdays of 2011 began, the chair became home to the things I planned on attending to before I sleep or when I wake up early in the morning – journals, novels, magazines. There they remain unattended. Earlier this week, I did a little organizing. Now the chair holds no more clutter just like the first day I set it up at the apartment. I discovered that it’s a great place for checking student outputs. I know I promised myself that the chair would be used solely for leisure purposes only. It’s just that I seldom find that good place to edit and rate.

The chair is comfortable enough for me to finish a set or two of exercises. Not too comfortable that I’d fall asleep while attempting to finish a set of outputs. I’ve got three books lined up for the month. I guess I’d be keeping that chair warm – be it work or leisure. I’m hoping it’d be more of the latter.


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