fruit tart!

“They’re so pretty!” Those were my thoughts when I saw the first batch of fruit tarts at Cafe Antonio in Los Baños. I was already enjoying another cake when the fruits tarts were delivered. They were just so pretty. I could not help but try one (or more). And it tasted great!

I love chocolate cakes and pastries but this one has a clean taste. It wasn’t too sweet, which is great. Plus it just looked festive. I could stare at it all day – although I doubt if I can keep myself from eating it for that long.

I could not wait for the next bake sale of Cafe Antonio. They offered fruit tarts in December. I just had to have it everyday (Okay, perhaps, I missed one evening).  I ordered a larger one, the regular size of a whole pie, for my birthday. I did share it with friends.

Given the chance, I believe I could have eaten the whole tart in a day. I just hope it could be one of their regular offerings 😀


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