for the sake of posting

My daily blog has been delayed for nearly a week now. Transferring my electronic files to its new home (and worrying about the loan I’d be paying in the next two years!) took most of my time.

It’s lunch time at the office. The feeling of being unproductive looms so I thought an entry less of my daily blog backlog would lift my spirits a bit. I finished my shawarma rice (60 Php) in less than five minutes. Shawarma rice is becoming a lunch staple. Earlier this month, I wrote that I will be eating packed lunch to save on money. It turns out, that I’d be able to save more (money and time) if I eat out. I’ll just need to avoid fast food. I failed on this one.  I ordered from three fast food chains in the past two weeks. I’ll definitely need to do better. That would apply to all five challenges I’ve set at the start of the year.

  • Daily blog: I still need to encode the written entries for the past four days
  • Weekly doodle: I’m behind by two entries
  • No fast food: Failed this one for weeks 1 and 2 😦
  • Jog twice a week: No backlog – yet. I’ll jot later tonight and tomorrow.
  • Monthly reads: Got a previously owned copy of Gabriel García Márquez‘ Memories of my melancholy whores on sale at the National Bookstore (99 Php).

I just realized, this is my first entry encoded in black keys! I’m looking forward to more frequent (and regular) posts in using this new hardware 😀


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