on second look

I thought I was taking the daily blog quite well. Perhaps, not as well as I should be. I noticed a lot of date without entries, January 24 being one of them. Thanks to the calendar tool. I missing quite a lot of entries.

It’s never easy for me to keep on doing one thing. This blog is one of the several attempts to stick to something I promised myself I’d be doing. Commitment? Will? Self-control? It can be a lot of things. And there I was thinking I’m doing okay.

Upon review, I’ve got a month’s worth of entries to complete. It is with complete honesty that I say I’ve overlooked not posting entries on these dates.  I’m just thankful I noticed it before the second half of the 2011. At least I get to do something about it.

I was initially checking for the dates without entry for May 2011. Then I noticed, there are few dates during April (up to January) that I missed. It’s quite a lot. Discouraged, disappointed… it felt like failing. But hey, what else to do than to make things right.

The things we have overlooked are brought to our attention not for the how-could-you-be-so-dumb-not-to-notice self disappointment sessions. Whatever can we get from those? It provides a chance to make things right, to do things better, and to really achieve our goals.

For this year, I promised to post an entry for each day. I thought I was, until I realize I wasn’t. Now, I know I’ll definitely be more careful in monitoring my entries – just to make sure I’ve really posted one entry minimum for each day of 2011.


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