It allows me to go back through time. Take a peak at what the day was like. I’ve got this problem with storing details. While a friend seems to have no problem with details, especially dates, I can never store the information – no matter how important the may have been.

Lately, I’ve been depending on journal entries more and more. And from what I ave written, my day’s goal is noticeably more focused on getting work tasks done. It’s seldom that I get to find entries that required some contemplation, perhaps entries requiring deeper thought, and may be entries that required more time to develop?

Problem is, even if I do keep the habit of the daily post here, the problem would be the content. I’m more concerned if there’s even any sense to what I’m been writing about anymore. Will all these matter to me if and when I do re-read this entries sometime in the future? Will all the have some sense for the future me who’ll be reading this? Will it have some depth?  Or will I be just laughing at myself for all these nonsensical waste of letters?

Take this as the expected and occasional doubt that bug me. At a time when I’m struggling to keep up with the challenge of writing – anything – and coming up with something to post, I just can resist scrapping everything and just giving up. Doubting the reason why I even started this is the easiest way to stop and give up.

But then, that would just be too easy – even for me. So on with the pages, it is. After all, I never promised I’d be offering entries with depth and sense on a daily basis. I promised daily entries. I’m struggling with that. The depth and the sense, that I cannot force. But I do hope by end of 2011, I could read some entries with those.

Come December 31st of 2011 and we’ll see.


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