feels like a Friday

It’s just Thursday. Here I was thinking it was Friday already. I’m still working on completing the daily blog challenge. Problem is, as I was completing the entries for last week, I forgot that I should also be posting entries for this week. It would be nice to post something on schedule.

Finally, I was able to deliver a lecture from the ebooks I got. I’ve been reading self-help writing books for the lectures I have long wanted to prepare and deliver. And finally, this afternoon, I somehow managed to start the series of lectures. I just hope, the students could get something from the lecture (aside from entries in their notebooks.)

It’s a dream to spend the day reading writing/journalism books, preparing lectures, and designing class activities – without the backlog guilt or thinking about all the things I should be and/or will be doing. That would be ideal. Life isn’t.

All these books, I just wished I had read them while I was in College. It would have helped a lot. Students don’t usually search the net for academic books and read them. I was still a student then. Does one really have t age before s/he learns to appreciate books?


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