another down

So I focus on the little things I’ve devised to make me feel productive whenever I suck at work. That involves not meeting a deadline, passing a substandard output, or simply surviving a bad day at work. The little things that make me feel productive include keeping a journal (hopefully an entry is written before the days ends – that means something did happen to that day), this blog (to maintain the illusion that I can commit to something long-term), the jog (see entry for “this blog”), among others (for all the failed attempts… et cetera).

January ends with the completion of another journal. It took two months to fill the pages. A few stray entries in other notebooks deducted and this notebook was my life in the past two months.

Highlights of the entries include the eternally pathetic tired state, acceptance and rejection, and dealing with work backlog. How’s that for a summary? That’s the condensed version of about a hundred pages of 6×6-inch ruled sheets completed in two months.


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