positive -still

My February had a great start. Settled (some of my) payables, reconnected with family, and had a productive day.

It’s the second month and I’m still looking forward to the days to come. Still hopeful, still positive. Come second half of the year and I’ll usually be dreading the next days. So far, I’m excited about the rest of the semester.

There’s just a lot of things to look forward to. My entries under backlog still has a lot of entries. I’ve crossed put many and added more entries. I’m feeling better about it, I guess. Resignation, I guess that’s it. Acceptance? Hmnn… yes. I’m still working on crossing out entries in the backlog. Nothing will change that. I’m still striving to experience a backlog-free day. Not that I think it’s possible to really have that day. I’d be content in finding out how close I can be to that zero backlog day.

I believe I’m enjoying this year more – as of day 1 of month 2.


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