thank you

A little over three years from work and I’ve stopped hoping people would thank you for the things you do. Whatever that may be. During my first two years, I did expect people to use that “thank you” especially when you do the things that isn’t really your task at all.

During my third year, I became more realistic. People just don’t do that anymore. Too busy, too something. Plus, it not like you’re the only person doing that. Everybody does things beyond their responsibility (at least most) – and if people were to thank everyone, it would be a thank you session every other half a minute.

Surprised, delighted, touched – that’s the effect of a thank you that went beyond these two words. In the crazy pace that everyone seems to be living in, it’s great to find even one person who takes time to express their gratitude.

These are the things I’d want to collect. These are the words powerful enough to motivate one to continue whatever it is one is doing.



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