There are things we dread facing. Deadlines, work left hanging, commitments made before thinking, … and the list goes on. Whatever that event, person, or thing may be, fate mocks you and you find yourself face-to-face with the source of your dread.

Tonight, I found that it’s actually favor – this trick fate plays. After a few (but these moments seem to last waaaaaay longer) awkward minutes, you get to meet relief.

It takes a lot of courage and self-control to act on these things we fear or worry about before fate decides to act on it. Perhaps she got bored staring at cowardice in our faces, got tired of hearing excuses, or maybe she pitied us with our tendency to prolong self-inflicted agony.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. For more than three months, I walked with guilt over unfinished articles (I seem to have a LOT of that). I felt relieved after quite a long talk. And now I’m hopeful. I have another chance to do better. Although I fear not being able to submit on time, I can always hope and start doing things.

Just write.


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