at peace

For about a month, I’ve been stressing about the internet connection at home.

We’ve got no idea what worked. In all the steps we followed – firmware updates, change of channels, security, firewall, location- it’s really hard to identify what made enabled the internet connect for this unit.

For weeks, I’ve been dreading the idea of having to go to a service center in Makati or San Juan to have the unit checked. It was having problems in internet connection through its airport/wifi. It’s such a relief that I won’t have to make that two-hour (or more) trip to the city.

The travel time isn’t really my concern. It’s the commute. I’m a probinisyana who’d rather go to places requiring no more than two transportation transfers. Plus, my unfamiliarity with (read: ignorance of) bus stops, routes, … – you get the idea – is more stressful than the expense or worry about my belongings.

Am I happy that there’s no urgent need to go to Manila? Yes. Disappointed that after years of going to Manila, I’m still not familiar with the routes? YES!

I just cannot permit myself to turn 30 and still be chicken-hearted in exploring the metropolis. Now, what to specifically do about that… I’ll think of something.


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