Late last year, I had problems with getting sleep. This year, especially this month, I seem to be getting a lot! No matter how long my sleep during the weekends is, I’d still want more sleep during the week. And I thought people tend to sleep less when they age.

I initially thought it’s the weather. Typical excuse. It’s been two months now and it’s not cold anymore but I still sleep a lot. For the weekend, I get up at noon. And by about 4 pm I’d still manage to sleep and wake up the next day. Before, if I wake up at Saturday noon, sleep won’t come to me until the early hours of Sunday.

My alarm clock settings (I use about six settings regularly) are rendered useless. I don’t even know how I manage to turn them all off. It’s my self-control/discipline. That’s my problem – plus the new pillow and comforter set I got.


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