a rarity

There are people who make work effortless. If you’re in the academe, you’d learn to treasure these people. They’re never in abundance.

Among the hundred faces you’d be regularly be interacting with, you’d be lucky to have about twenty individuals that you’d recognize in a crowd. It’s a face you’d remember because you know you’ll be seeing these individual returning to the college – and share what they did right in their lives.

These are the few names, which may not necessarily be on the dean’s roster, that you know will be inscribed in certificates, plaques, – be it for recognition or in their respective work tables (or doors) or names that you’d be hearing more often.

There are students you worry about and others whom you have entrusted to Him. However, there are select students that you never have to worry about. these are the few individuals that you’d look forward to meeting in the next ten or twenty years – if He permits. These are the faces that make you look forward to the next decades.

However few, however scarce, these individuals remind that you that you’re exactly where you want to be.


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