2011 challenges: January Update

  1. Lessen food expenses;
  2. daily scribbles;
  3. weekly doodles;
  4. jog at least twice a week; and
  5. monthly reads.

These were the challenges I’ve set for this year. With a month completed, here’s what I found.

For January the daily scribbles (# 2) and the twice-a-week jog (#4) were the two things I was able to maintain. I managed to fulfill the monthly reads (#5) in the second half of the month.

January’s reading list included:

Had problems with decreasing food expenses (# 1) and weekly doodles (# 3). For challenge 1, I initially planned on preparing packed lunches. However, I found that it’s actually more expensive to cook and prepare packed lunch regularly than to buy food in the carinderia. I’m also guilty of visiting KFC-Los Baños for their one-piece chicken mealsItalian Roma and Krushers.

Of the six weeks that passed, I was able to make one doodle. So basically, I’m five sketches behind. This challenge seemed to be the most difficult to meet but I’m not yet giving up on this one.

So far, three out of five is fine – for now.

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