coffee drunk a little after 12

You know you’re avoiding work when:

  1. you’ve put it off for more than a month (try years);
  2. you’ve checked your mails more thank you should (say, three times within an hour);
  3. you’ve updated the daily entries in your one-week late personal blog;
  4. you’ve become a factory of excuses (and you’re actually getting better at it);
  5. you faced the computer half a day ago and you still haven’t opened the file;
  6. you’ve opened the file a few hours ago – and still there’s no need to save the file (simply because nothing was added);
  7. you’ve checked even you old email accounts (which you haven’t accessed in the past quarter);
  8. you’ve updated yourself of entertainment news (hollywood and local);
  9. you’re already bored because your 1000+ friends in Facebook has run out of updates; and
  10. you’re writing this list when you should be completing that task you dread.

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