two hours

Spent the whole morning looking for a dentist who can accommodate me  the soonest. Scoured Lopez Avenue for clinics. My search was fruitful. I got a schedule for 1:30 in the afternoon. It was noon when I found this one clinic. Spent lunch and 30 minutes dreading a lecture from the dentist.

My last visit to the dentist was well… quite a long time ago. I need a lot of work done. I’m okay with the pain and the sound of the machine. It was the lecture I was dreading.

I came early and the clinic was still closed for lunch. After a while, the dentist arrived. She confirmed that I do need a LOT of work. I wanted it finished that afternoon – if possible.

We started at about 2 pm. It was 4 pm when I got off the chair. The procedure was a test of one’s tolerance for pain and that sound. There were a lot of times when I really thought of asking for a break. But then I looked at the clock. I needed to be in my 4 pm class.

When I left the clinic, I felt lighter. For one, it felt great to have less worries and two, my wallet lost most of its contents. I guess I underestimated the value of having one less worry. Good thing there was an ATM nearby. And oh, I believe I was short 10 Php. The young dentist said it was okay.

And no, she didn’t give the lecture 😀 I guess I’ll be back in six months.

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