not minding

I was able to attend the latter half (okay, maybe less) of a mass. How long has it been anyway? I could not remember. And that says a lot.

It’s Day 1 of the media congress. We found ourselves seated in the second row of the hall. Thanks to Chico and the accommodating usher, we had good seats. Got to see the face behind big names and of course, listen to their talks. Only, my eyes hurt from the unfocused images/frames projected on screen – or perhaps we were just too near the projection screen.

There are different kinds of speakers. Some read their slides – as in read their slides, some read from the sheets of paper. Reading or using a guide does not necessarily make one a bad speaker. It’s that “feeling”, that experience speakers channel to their audience.

An advocacy, a cause, a story – the things I remembered are those who were shared to me. I remember the pauses as speakers thought about the more appropriate word. I like hearing the shortest responses answering questions directly. I fade to Zzzzz world when two sentences have been delivered, and it’s still pre-introduction. I like to hear the long intake, pause, and then release of breath as they processed their responses. I follow their hand gestures if it’s something they do unconsciously.

But the best talk I’ve served audience to made me rethink, nearly reduced me to tears, made me laugh, made me feel appreciated (I matter!), and then it made me feel I can do something. The talk exceeded the allotted time.

Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the extension at all. That’s the best indicator of a great talk.


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