open forum

In every talk/ conference follows the open forum. And, where there are open fora exists these characters:

  1. Mr./Ms.-I-am-important-so-I’ve-have-to-mention-all-my-achievements-since-elementary (snores and “wake-me-up-when-it’s-finished” from the audience) and yes, the question is…;
  2. I’ve got this one-chapter introduction and a totally unrelated/irrelevant-up-to-almost-senseless question;
  3. My question is… and a follow up question is… and another follow up… and uhmnn, can I pass the mic? (Instructions were clearly stated. One question per student. Other tertiary students don’t know how to count?!)
  4. I’m cute, I’m bibbo, and (go back to #2) ;
  5. Long introduction, sample cases, and at last, the question – oh, I forgot, it’s not a question. It’s a comment(ary);
  6. Huh?! So your question is? Wait, what’s your question? (The facilitator doesn’t even know what to make of… ) It’s a question?!

But what I learned from open fora, the wisest of speakers are those who can make decipher and give sensible responses to the most nonsensical questions (if the statements even fit the definition.)


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