I try to remember that day. After staring at my office mate’s shelf for quite some time,  I let out a sigh of defeat. I can’t. I just can’t remember. It remains black blank. It’s what you see when you close your eyes – and I don’t mean figuratively.

I lost my laptop connector. For two and a half days I wanted to believe I just misplaced it. After cleaning my apartment, all my bags, and the work area, I officially declare it lost.

This isn’t really something new. So I’ve developed an SOP. The first phase is cleaning everything – just like what I did earlier this week. The next phase is to go back in time and contact everyone that I came in contact with that day. Now this part is quite a challenge. I’m not good in remembering things – especially if it took place more than 24 hours ago. Heck, I even have trouble remembering what happened before I slept the night before (context is alcohol-free of course).

That’s the phase I am in right now. Somehow, I’m still hoping I’d come across that connector when I won’t be needing it.

The third phase, when I believe I’ve cleaned everything and that thing remains lost, I put my trust to fate. maybe next week, I’ll move on to that phase.


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