This is my nth break for the day. A breather from staring and processing pages of student text.

I realized I was staring at the page I was editing for the longest time and there wasn’t a single comment that came to mind. It’s not because the article was perfect. I’ve lost focus. And so, I got myself a tall mug of Batangas brew and type, I did. It’s more enjoyable with a instrumental piano recording in the background.

Earlier this week, I discovered SoundCloud from a blog linked featured on Tumblr. I was admiring the song thinking it was from my colleague’s playlist. She explained, she wasn’t playing the song. Tab after tab, I searched for the source. Finally, I found it at the bottom of the blog page. Signed up immediately and started collecting instrumentals.

At home, I enjoy live performances during the weekend. There’s a studio nearby about four meters away from my window. I used to hate listening to their sessions. I believe they have good teachers. The playing has improved. At least I don’t consider it as noise anymore – and I love waking up on weekends to be greeted by music.


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