2011 challenge update: February

Finally, I managed to cross “jog” in my planner. The entry has been a staple in the planner pages since February. Rain, piles of student outputs to deal with, and plain laziness top my list of excuses.

I was doing poorly with the (#4) twice-a-week jog challenge – as with most of the challenges. I jogged once (should have been twice) a week. I ate a lot of spicy and original recipe chicken and Krushers (still obsessing on strawberry lush). Good luck with the (#1) no-fastfood diet.

The things I was able to work on was the (#2) daily blog, (#3) the weekly doodles, and the (#5) monthly reads. Last month, it was the drawing I wasn’t able to do. The no-fastfood challenge remains in my “areas to work on” list.

Hopefully, I’d do better this March. Although I do remember telling myself something similar to that sometime in the no-so-distant past.

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