of lines and trees

Spent some time de-stressing with colors. There’s just something relaxing and productive about using color pencils. It can be crayons, color pens, or any tool and medium as long as it offers a range of colors.

From staring at color pencils, color palette to actually using them, there’s different levels of relaxation one can get. I’ve gone past the staring part. I need to color something – anything.

My colleague shared a story about how they used to buy crayons and coloring books during their college days to destress. If I did that, I’d have a stack of filled coloring books stacked somewhere in the office. To save on expenses, I draw objects and apply color. It’s cheaper that way 😀

Trees, clouds, fruits, flowers, landscapes, whatever comes into mind. Sometimes, it’s just lines. For he next five minutes, nothing else matters but the completion of whatever is in that piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be a work of art. Five minutes later, I’m more relaxed.


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