Reached my bed at about three in the morning today. And before I could get some sleep, I just had to set plans in the event that the alarm clocks (yes, plural) won’t work on me – again. Back up plans would give me the peace of mind to get some sleep.

I woke up at 8am, an hour before my class, which is great. As I went to the morning preps, I could not help but be thankful. I did accidentally leave my laptop in the lecture hall and hit the metal stand of a road sign… and nearly fell the three-step stairs near the ATM machines …forgot that I still had a can of coffee in the office (so I bought some) and yeah, I got weird looks from my students because I was tuning out during my lecture. I tried to pass time playing this mobile phone game. It was a test of logic similar to the abstract reasoning tests one encounters in college entrance examinations. It kept saying “slow” after the check mark appears. I gave up after two “slow” signs.

I should be fuming with disappointment and irritation from lack of sleep and deadlines not met. I’m not. Which is a little strange. But I’m okay with this state. I guess, it will just take time before I could get used to it.

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