Friday dinners are reserved for great dinner companions. I forgot where we ate. I’ve been forgetting a lot of things. I even left my keys (all my keys!) and we had to go back to get them.

I do remember that we got invited to join the company of a lovely couple for dessert. I got to see how a closet the such of mine would we used to accomodate just the footwear.

Oh, I got to eat pineapples and pawpaws (sus, papaya lang naman yun!). I made physical contact with pet. (Okay, somehow the there’s some off with the previous statement. You do get the idea?) I could not remember the last time I interacted with a pet. (I guess that sounds a little better. ) Which made me want to get one. A cat perhaps? That would really concretize the image of a cranky old maid with cat. Cranky part – oh, that’s so me (ask my students). No additional effort required.  Old maid – yeah, I still have a few more years. The cat – a possibility, still have to save up for it.

It’s kind of pricey though. Plus I have to do this and that… and more of this and that… and more. And  my pets’ history doesn’t say much about me being a good pet owner.

We had cats in my hometown. He had a fine black coat except for its white underarms and stomach. His mother was the typical striped gray, black, and dark brown type. She’d had a litter every year. I took my mission to find out where she kept them. They took care of themselves. they appeared during lunch time and dinner. Basically, whenever the kitchen door sounds.

During college, my sister and I bought a pair of a guinea pigs. It was healthy for a while. It got fat and cute and then suddenly lost weight. It was like watching a balloon deflate – slowly. We had our attempt at hamsters. After a few months, it died. It choked on sunflower seeds. It had a nasty habit of stuffing as much sunflower seed into its mouth. I remember being torn between laughing and crying when I realized how it died.

And then there was the fish. It was my sister’s actually. While on a trip she forgot to make arrangements for her gold fish. She text me and my other sister to feed the fish. When she arrived, the fishes were already floating. They were overfed. But it was hard to tell if they were already fed or not. That part of the apartment wasn’t well lighted in the evening. I guess we didn’t notice.

So far, cats are the only ones who was able to produce another generation (meaning, they lived long enough). Dogs, we didn’t really have the chance to have one. My sisters and I wanted one. The aunts did not allow it. It was not in agreement with their gardening. I’d love a dog but it’s quite pricey plus the maintenance – shots, vet, among other things. My office mates says it’s like having a child. I am not that confident handling my nephew by myself. I wonder if I can handle a dog – even a pup.

I just remembered! We did have a dog during our brief stay with my mother. We were still in college then. It was a gift for my mother -but we were the ones who cleaned the poop – at least while he was still  puppy. I remember clearly. While we were eating fried tuyo (dried salted or is it smoked fish), the dog ate ground pork bought and cooked especially for him. That was the time I wished I’d been a dog – if that meant being free from tuyo.

Fish, I don’t think so. They say they’re relaxing. I prefer something I can hold. I’d hate to see myself staring into a fish bowl watching the fish breathe. I think I prefer ranting about a chewed or scratched shoe or shirt than pick a stare contest with the fish.

So much for pet possibilities. I guess it won’t be happening anytime soon. But it does feel nice considering the possibility. Well see.

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