family matters

My sister’s in town – and so is my nephew and my aunt. Went to visit them at my mother’s. The eldest sister a no-show for the agreed night out. But we understand. Spending quality time with the family after the husband’s work a region away.

My apartment got a surprise inspection from my aunt. I missed that feeling of having the need to present something to their approval. I used to hate it when I was living with them. I had to seek their approval on a lot of things. My diary entries back then would regularly complain about that. Now that I don’t have to get the approval, I kinda miss it. Their approval (or disapproval) confirmed if I was making the right decisions. Now, only time will tell if I did make the the right ones.

My nephew’s turning six this June. Six years, that’s how long my sister has survived. Quite a fighter. There are wounds – the ones unperceived by the eye. Six years, time does fly fast. I saw this infant with alien-like eyes across smudgy hospital glass. I thought he had such big eyes. The same set of eyes -not as innocent anymore – is home to defiance, challenging decisions not to go to Jollibee, not to buy new toys (he has a pile at home), and when throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. The stunt does work wonders for the grannies – never for the aunts (that’s the category I’m in).

It was nice to catch up with my sister although I knew it would have been more fun with the louder (and oldest) sister around. I wish I could get to do it more often. If I could just lay low with the excuses.

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