settling with “awful”

I continued working on an acrylic output I started about two semesters ago. It looks awful. I ran out of green acrylic paint for the leaves. Somehow, I don’t feel bad about ruining the output. I’m just glad I continued working on it instead of giving up on it.

The masking tape framing the cloth to the wall was making creepy sounds in the dark, early in the morning. I got more tape to secure the cloth and figured I could just work on it. At least I’d get to feel a bit productive, to be able to say that I finished something.

It may have looked awful and the paint may have be put to waste, but it did give the feeling of fulfillment. That feeling that I am capable of completing something – no matter how awful it may look. I’m content to focus on finishing a lot on my to-do list.

I just hope this would rub on to my 2011 challenges.


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