experiential learning

Finally, a jog. I was working on my first round when everything turned dark. Nope, I did not pass out. There was a blackout in selected portions of the campus, Freedom Park included. The rest of the lower campus remained well lit. So much for a welcome, I thought. And so I contented myself with brisk walking. I did not want to risk a injury jogging into the darkness.

Although in hindsight, I could have used the outer circle of the campus. Or perhaps, secretly, I just didn’t want to jog. What’s important is, I got back to jogging after all the petty excuses of being busy and being sick. The walk did make me realize I was indeed sick. I had trouble breathing. I now know one of the reasons why one should not jog just when sick. You’ll find it difficult to breathe.

I really just had to learn that by experience.


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