sick, still

A week has passed and I’m still sick. I woke up with a burning throat last Sunday and suffered (as did my office mates) from coughing and flu the entire week. This part of the semester is not the best day to absent oneself from work. Today, I woke up feeling better. I’m not sure if I’m getting better or I’m getting used to this state so I’m not minding it as much.

One difficulty is, I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I’ve slept early last night planning on an early start today. I woke up a little before noon. My alarm clock and phone alarm settings do not work on me anymore. I may have written about this before.

Another disadvantage of being sick is that it becomes a convenient excuse for not doing a lot of things – my twice-a-week jogs, avoiding fastfood (Chowking‘s beef wanton noodles with chili oil is great for flu), working late, waling up early, and so on. I was planning to write “being irritable” but my friends would argue that sick or not, I’m cranky by default. My students would attest to that.

It’s a challenge to sleep. Even if you’re dead tired, you still can’t fall asleep. Your body gives up at about 3 am to 5 am, and then you’ll need to wake up for work. You decide that you may just use a couple more hours of sleep because you wouldn’t be able to function well if your forced yourself to work with that little sleep. You come to work late feeling guilty and unproductive – and tired, which you think you do not have any right to feel since you’ve extended your sleep hours.

And it becomes a routine for the whole time you’re sick. You spend more, work less, sleep more,… might as well absent yourself from work for one or two days and have a complete rest. I should have followed that advice.


2 thoughts on “sick, still”

  1. Ugh. Sorry about the sickness. Trust me, I know how you feel; I’m dizzy, my throat feels like I swallowed a bunch of nails, and my head is throbbing. I had only an hour of sleep last night, if that! Feel better!

    ~Tehani 🙂

    1. I know this is delayed but thank you. 😀
      I do hope you’re already better –
      and that you remain in a good (or better) state of health for the rest of the year.
      Thanks for the comment.

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