what pencils are for

Earlier this month, I’ve sharpened a set of color pencils. I was relaxed for a while. This week, I had the need to buy a couple of pens and a box of pencils. The pens I bought for the sake of buying. The pencils, I needed them for a higher level of de-stressing.

The purchasing part deals with relatively low anxiety/stress levels. The need to sharpen pencils, not that’s for the more serious ones. For even higher levels of stress up to anger level, I tend to break pencils. If I broke the shorter (meaning older) pencils, it means I still had the presence of mind to be practical. If it’s the newly purchased (longer) pencils, that I broke into two -or more, I was REALLY angry then. I do not shout or scream. I’m too practical to throw a fit scattering things on my table. I know I’ll be the one to clean up later. I’m too lazy for that. So it’s the pencils I turn to. If I do break them, the trash can is an arm’s length away.

For this semester, I’m glad my table’s still well stocked with sharpened pencils – even the shorter ones. The semester has yet to end. Perhaps, it’s too early to say. I’m hoping I don’t get to break any pencil this semester.

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