keeping the routine

Ahhh, weekends. I love these breaks. Slept the whole morning – and afternoon and I managed to jog in the evening.

At last, I managed to get two jog sessions for this week. That’s the first time for March. I just hope I can maintain that. I need to. I’ve been in glutton mode the entire week. Stress eating combined with the I’m-sick-I-can’t-jog excuse. My pants confirm that I’ve been lax with the exercise.

Considering the blueberry cake I so happily consumed with iced coffee. I don’t think the evening’s jog would have any effect on all the things I’ve devoured this week. I’m just happy to get back to the twice-a-week jog routine (Looking heavenward: Please let me keep the routine).

Thursday night was an attempt to jog. I already had my running shoes on but something didn’t feel right. This was the same night I decided I wanted a vanilla sundae from the convenience store a block away from the apartment. Earlier that night, I was enjoying green mangoes and alamang (shrimp paste). Glutton mode, it was.

Earlier this week, I’ve been making regular visits to fast food chains for lunch. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want chicken in my plate for the rest of the month.

Clearly, I needed to get serious about jogging more and steering clear from the fastfood – Krushers and all.  The stress level (hence, the eating) is expected to rise in the next two weeks.

Will keep fruits near. If I do eat when stressed, let it be less processed or unprocessed food.

Will jog/walk (more?).




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