You taught me to let go of ideals of quality, of conduct becoming, of the possibilities of what you do and what you can be. I learned to settle with reality, of what is, not what should be. You made me realize that I have hoped for a lot, that I forgot, that all those possibilities – you may have wanted not.

There’s not a question in your capability. What I did not consider is your will to go beyond what’s okay, of what is average. I had hoped you’d take the chance to show everyone what you’re capable of. I was prepared to help in any way I can.

I was negative and critical not because I thought of it as something amusing. Did it look like I had fun identifying the things you overlooked or failed to consider? I opted to be negative and critical because that is how people would look at your output and you when presented out of the confines of the educational system.

Did you think you’d have the chance to relay your reasons to everyone who happens to view your output? Did you think you can manage with  pwede na yan outputs. You really think you can survive by relying on your assumptions? And whenever you receive negative comments, just go on blaming the source? or your teachers? or the educational system? the weather? climate change? everyone and everything but yourself?

As I have endlessly repeated, negative comments on performance does not affect how I see you as a person. I witnessed how you started here and what you have become now. I know you did what you thought was right. I just believe you can do way better. Then again, that’s me and my idealistic tendencies.


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