Went to get some movies earlier this afternoon. That used to be part of my weekend routine. Get some DVDs, then the groceries, then a movies/series marathon until the next morning.

This afternoon, I was planning on getting just one or two movies. It’s been quite some time since my last visit. The stall had a new staff to assist the customers. I was used to the near-rude treatment of people here so I was quite surprised.

She welcomed me with a bright smile and immediately asked how she could help. She was assisting other customers also but she made it a point everyone’s inquiries were answered. It came not as a surprise that she suggested a few titles I may possible be interested in. I was near ignoring the new staff when she started explaining how this particular title was currently being shown at this particular channel. Another title, she explained, was in this other channel. Quite knowledgeable with their product. It’s not everyday that I get to encounter people like this. Pleasant, patient, and knowledgeable about what they’re selling.

I left the stall purchasing more than I should – two series titles aside from the two movies I originally planned on getting. I just found it weird that it was easier to come upon a pleasant salesperson in a stall by the street than in those airconditioned stores with uniformed staff.


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