summer 2011

Summer is the most challenging time to stay in the apartment. It’s like a sauna in there especially at noon. A two-story  duplex blocks any breeze which my place needs. Installing an air conditioning unit is out of the question. I’ll be depending on the electric fan for a long time. Good thing I didn’t skimp on that one. It’s been operating nonstop without fail.

So I escape to the office to avoid the summer hell noons. We’re not really required to report in the office during the summer. With this heat, I’d rather go to work during the summer in the comfort of the office.

This summer, the sudden change in weather caused greater discomfort (?). A sunny morning, scorching noon, and then there’s heavy rain and thunderstorms in the late afternoon and/or evening. If your immune system is down, you’re bound to experience severe headache (worse, migraine) and the flu.

The good thing about it is that no one really bothers you even if you wear turtleneck or jacket under the scorching sun. The weather will agree with your outfit sometime within the day.


I wasn’t able to walk/jog this week and tonight was my remaining chance of keeping my jog session challenge – so I crammed the supposedly two sessions into one. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. If I could have rolled my way home, I would have.

On the brighter side, I never thought I’d be able to finish the rounds. I’m glad to find out I can. I doubted if I needed to ride the jeepney back home. I did consider calling my sister 😀 Pride (and water) made me endure the walk to the apartment. That walk seemed the longest trip back to comfort.

I’ve never been so happy to see the gate of the compound 😀


Subtract A from B and there it was – my net worth. “So this is how much -rather, how little – I’m worth,” I told myself after I completed accomplishing the first of three copies for the statement of assets and liabilities. It wasn’t much. It wasn’t as low as I thought it would be. I don’t know if it’s something good or not.

Spent about three hours in disbelief – about a lot of things. I received this amount?! And the remembered that I also got deductions and expenses. There were a few surprises I found pleasing. I didn’t know I could save some. What I learned in that savings for me should be forced or automatically deducted before the salary reaches my ATM account. Otherwise it’d go poof! after a self-pity attack,  usually followed by careless purchases.

I’m just happy I passed the form on time 😀

at last!

Finally! I can breathe easier. The second semester‘s officially OVEEEEEEEEERRRR! It was quite a loooooong semester. I’m glad it’s over. No more students knocking on my door, no more research paper drafts to read and edit – for the meantime, at least. I’m relieved that yesterday is over. I’m looking forward to enjoying a bit of summer – perhaps towards the end? maybe?

The corridors are empty and the building feels peaceful. I get to enjoy this for a short period of time so I’m taking it all in. Relief and the determination to do better next semester. The previous days have been _____ (I don’t have the word for it yet) and my, am I glad that it over. I know I’m being redundant but it just feels so good to say it. The second semester’s over! 😀

I’ve been looking forward to this day since… (the start of the semester?). It just feels great for this day to be finally here. End of second sem. According to the university calendar, the semester ended about a month ago. In the real setting, it’s today. The grades are done and the events have passed. Today also marks the start of the teachers’ leave. We don’t have to report to the office anymore (which reminds me, why am I still here?!).

Now that I’ve enjoyed that bit of a moment, time to think about the research deadlines – you know, take care of the work backlog that piled over the semester? Then again, I’ll think of that tomorrow.

Today,  it’s the end-of-sem day, one of the happiest days of my life 😀

looking forward to lunch

Finally! I’ll get that sleep tonight. Got through the program on time.

What a relief! Left the office immediately to make reservations for lunch. The lunch was okay. I forgot I’d be conversing in English. The jaw ached after. the Australian slang takes a while to get used to. Mother’s new boyfriend and I did manage to keep the conversation flowing. My eldest niece (I’ve got two courtesy of the eldest sister who joined us later) joked about how I seemed to have been put through a thesis defense. Mother’s boyfriend asked about work and my studies with some follow up questions.

It was a long lunch. I don’t know how the have lunch in Australia. But this one’s quite a long one. Somehow, we wanted to make a good impression to the new boyfriend for the mother’s sake. Plus it’s really nice to have some family get together.

I enjoyed lunch. I wish the family would have more gatherings like this – perhaps in a relatively more affordable place 😀