family day

My sister and my nephew are in town. The sister is applying for a teaching post here. We’re all hoping she gets the spot so we can spend more time with her and the nephew.

With our mother, the sister, nephew,  and I visited the nearest mall.  It seemed like a nice family day out. I never did have these when we were younger. Group trips to anywhere wasn’t part of the routine back home. Plus it was impractical. My sisters and I took turns in accompanying the aunts to the city. I was more practical that way.

Ate what was supposed to be a snack but looked more like dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon putting the large meal into good use.

My mother’s into jewelry, hovering over displays of necklaces an pendants. The shop attendant even recognized her. No purchase for this day. Her allowance has yet to arrive. My sister is focused on selecting toys for the nephew. My mother attempted to having me choose a pair of shoes. Her treat, she said. Little did she know it  takes a looooong while before I decide on a pair purchase. My most recent purchase took my other sister and I about two hours.

We gave up on the shoe and settled on buying a wrap. That was easier. It was a nice having the mother there to approve one’s choices, be it in shoes or clothes. It’s not something I’d appreciate getting on a regular basis, but somehow getting some approval on one’s choices seemed nice.

We had different preferences. I like the bickering part better. We were arguing on matters like which item was more worth its price, what was more practical… – just arguing.

We left early and settled on watching television. My nephew was busy with his new toy so I had the TV to myself, the TV to myself, the TV to myself… See, I don’t have TV at the apartment so I really enjoy times like that. I can’t remember what I watched. I was asleep before I could finish any show.

I’m loving family days. It’s a break from having to deal with what you have to do.

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