of dreams

I don’t remember much of my dreams. But after this one particular rainy summer night, I remembered three dreams. That’s a lot to recall  for a forgetful me. A wedding, a movie shoot, and a guy in a knitted sweater. Three settings, none making any sense.

Most of the dreams are negative or unpleasant – at least for me. I cannot recall if I woke up every after dream or I just happened to remember all three when I woke up. I just remember having the thought that I had more dreams that night. I just cannot remember them.

I was advised to keep a dream log. The usual dreams include that falling sensation then waking up before you hit the bottom. In my dreams, I never reach the part when I hit the ground (or whatever it is that would stop the fall).

There are those dreams where people you don’t know come up to you utter a sentence or two that’d leave puzzled (you have completely no idea what they’re talking about. Must have been lost in your dreams) and guilty (statement hit home. Truth, ahhh… it never fails to invite guilt).

Some dreams feel like a silent movie, well almost. You hear sounds of the wind, the sea, rustling leaves, tall grass against the each other and the wind, muted conversations – a variety of background music  just enough to tell you the setting. It changes in every dream. It signals the start of a new dream. At least for me it does.

The dreams I like the least involve implied accidents or someone leaving. I dreamt of some being hit by an old truck. I was talking to the person as she crossed the street. Then next scene was the blinding lights of the truck as it approached, too close. The blaring horn and then the sound of phone being dropped. The scenes tell me the person I was talking with was the victim. In the dream, I never saw the injured person  or the body. I just knew it was her. I had this dream of someone in a wedding gown crying. Having second thoughts? Or perhaps it’s the groom who ran away? I woke up before I figured out the reason for her crying.

The worst kind of dreams leave you feeling tired. Work enters my sleep. I’d dream that I was editing this particular manuscript or dealing with the tasks for the office or writing an article. I dream about the presentations I’m preparing for. In my dreams, my to do entries would loom above me. It never disappears unless I wake up. I usually wake up between two to four in the morning. I’d drag myself out of bed. Might as well do the job. If I’m going be tired, I may just as well have the tangible output ready rather than one that remains in the dream.


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