sociable me

I bumped into an old classmate of mine and we exchanged the usual slight wave and upward movement of chin as a sign of recognition. Smiling, he asked how I was doing with my masters studies. Looking haggard (do understand, it’s the end of the semester – grades, exams, and student manuscripts!), I answered I still had to do my research. Then there was a pause. Dead air. I could not think of a something to ask him. I wanted to. I had nothing I could think of. So I smiled and waved. He returned both.  Then we went on our separate ways.

A minute or two late, I wanted to kick myself (I tried visualizing that. It’s quite challenging.) Me and my social skills. How the hell did I finish my degree in communication with such weak interpersonal skills? (I do ask myself that a LOT of times.) In hindsight, there wasn’t an exercise of maintaining casual conversations 😀

A simple “How about you?” could have sufficed. And I needed a minute or two to think about such a simple question?!

I suck at conversations – especially in initiating one – or is it in maintaining conversations? I just have a big problem with casual talk.

I really need to work on that this year. Observing how Kuya Sherwin does it is not going to be enough. I need to practice, practice, and PRACTICE! I do realize that the last two statements seem too familiar. I have been saying – and writing – them in the past – uhmn – three years?


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